Product description Duophon Conference System

With the Duophon Conference System every telephone can be upgraded to a professional conference or a hands-free unit.
A Duophon phone conference set is wideband-capable and therefore provides the extended linguistic quality (160Hz-6.3KHz) from IP phones. Conversations via PC or laptop can also be recorded using the USB interface in the control unit, and (Softphone) conversations can carried out using the computer (Windows live meeting, Skype etc.)

The control unit has an integrated voice processor that adapts itself to the spatial surroundings. Feedback and echoes that occur with IP phones are eliminated. In addition, the voice processor's full-duplex function enables simultaneous speech.

The Voicebox has a radial speech frequency response (360°) enabling all conference participants to receive crystal clear sound.

The voice microphone has a transmission frequency which is perfectly co-ordinated to the human voice so that the spoken word can be picked up and heard clearly and precisely.

Modular construction

The Duophon Conference Set consists of a control unit, a Voicebox, as well as two microphones. The control unit is connected to the existing telephone. The modular construction method can be connected to a control unit with up to 2 Voiceboxes and each Voicebox can be connected to up to three microphones. This maximum configuration using 2 Voiceboxes and 6 microphones is sufficient even for large conference rooms and tables.

The Voicebox is connected using 5m of supplied patch cable. The standard microphones have an 90 cm-long cable which is connected with the Voicebox. If desired, the microphone cables can also be ordered in other lengths.


AW901  (e.g., all Siemens Optipoint advance /standard , Unify Openstage 30, as well as all telephone     manufacturers that supply telephones with headset connections e.g  Panasonic, Alcatel, Avaya, Aastra, DeTeWe, Cisco, Gigaset, Auerswald)

AW901OS (exclusively Siemens Openstage 40/60/80 or  Openscape Deskphone 35/55 IP structurally identical Swyx or Telekom Octophon)

AN902 (exclusively for all Siemens Optipoint /Optiset with integrated acoustic adapters)

AW901H suitable for (Openstage 20/15 etc. or Optipoint 500 basic)
As well as all telephones from other manufacturers that do not have headset connections (Connections via speaker interface)

The AW901OS Conference Set is:

Logo Unify Ready


The AW901 and AW901OS Conference Sets can be equipped and ordered with an optional connection plug for DECT Gigaset telephones or with an connection plug for a headset (without call acceptance). In this way it can be alternatively switched between Headset or Conference Set without tiresome re-plugging on the phone itself.

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