Desk Microphone for Siemens Optipoint


The desk microphone improves voice quality in hands-free, for example, at a conference table.
By connecting the internal microphone when the desk phone is turned off. If you press the "speaker" on the phone, Handsfree is only through the microphone.
The microphone is free standing unit. The best distance is 50 cm.

Das Beistellmikrofon kann einzeln oder gemeinsam mit der aktiven Lautsprecherbox über optipoint acoustic adapter (S30817-K7110-B508) und Y-Kabel (L36453-Z5-C199) an folgende Telefone angeschlossen werden:
optiPoint 600 office, optiPoint 500 advance/standard, optiPoint 420 advance/standard, optiPoint 410 advance/standard. [see example graphic]

Manufacturer Number Desk Microphone colour artic: L30250-F600-A162
Manufacturer Number Desk Microphone colour mangan: L30250-F600-A163

Package contents

Technical data

Acoustic operating mode:
Pressure microphone
Frequenzy range:
100 Hz – 7 kHz
Output impedance:
10 kΩ
Supply voltage:
3,8 V–6 V DC;
fed by adapter via connecting cable
Current consumption:
max. 6 mA at 3,8 V and LED on
Connecting cable:
2 m; with 4/4 Miniwestern plug
Dimensions:25 x 68 x 77 (H x W x D, mm)